National  Parks

In April of 2012, I visited GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS NATIONAL PARK.  As a participant in a workshop with Will Clay, I enjoyed shooting water and mountain scenery.  My images include ridge upon ridge of forest, stream, waterfall, sunrise and magestic sunsets. 


In June of 2011, I visited YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK as a participant in The Grandeur of Yosemite Photorahy Workshop with John Mariana.  it was there that I learned much of what inspires my work today. 


 In August of 1997, At the invitation from my cousin Dr. Jeanne Shaw (OBM), I hiked Rim to Rim with a group of amazing friends.  Shooting film, I captured the powerful and inspiring landscape of GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK.  It overwhelmed my senses through its immense size as it challenged my physical body and lifted my spirit.