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About Margery Diamond


A visual artist, Margery uses her passion for natural beauty to produce photographic images that capture the rich stillness and timeless scope of nature.   Her award-winning images are on exhibit throughout the United States and Israel, and she is published in several national and regional magazines.  


With a warm, caring personality, she connects with all ages.  Portraiture of infants, children, families, seniors, and groups shows each subject's spirit and light.  Let Margery photograph you or your family to preserve treasured memories. 

Prices beginning at $200 per shoot will be given on request. 


Her volunteer Portrait Project at The William Breman Jewish Home demonstrates her talent in creating images which reflect the spirit and personality of each of the residents. 


Studying her craft well and traveling widely, Margery brings an array of shape, light and color to her viewers.   Trip images from Vietnam, Switzerland , Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Yosemite National Park, Pisgah National Forest, Central Europe,, Italy and the Island of Ponza, Ecuador, Costa Rica and New Zealand show you the sights as well as the people.  Her 2016 trip to Jerusalem captured a comprehensive view of the holiness of the city and the electic blend of her people and culture.  From 2011 - present,  Margery has made frequent visits to many waterfalls.  Photographic prints of these magnificent falls were included in Mayim Rabim, the first show in the new gallery of MACoM.     


TORAH AND TRAILS, Margery's newest book is a photographic trail guide for integrating Judaism and Jewish history with environmental awareness and an appreciation of Nature.  Her gorgeous photographs illuminate scriptural text and capture your eyes, head and heart.


Photographs are available for purchase as a print on paper, canvas or metal.  Her book, TORAH AND TRAILS is available on Amazon for $29.95.    


Our task must be to free ourselves… by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and it’s beauty.  – Albert Einstein


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