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Sacred Doors of Atlanta


Holocaust Survivor Speakers


Prints Available

Fine Art print of Doors

20 x 24  -  only 1 left

Individual door prints may be ordered in custom sizes.


Survivor Speakers prints are available in custom sizes.





SACRED DOORS of ATLANTA is a photographic fine art piece depicting twelve congregational ark doors.  It is filled with my dreams for creating something to honor my son Bret's memory(1959-2007) and my special needs sister, Diane.   I realize that my life's journey and Atlanta's Jewish community are deeply intertwined.  It is with a great sense of appreciation for this connection that I present SACRED DOORS OF ATLANTA



Photograph taken at the William Breman Jewish Museum, Atlanta Georgia  in 2014.  It was timely as many of the Survivor Speakers are no longer with us.  The remaining survivors regularly speak to hundreds of school children and visitors in The Absence of Humanity programs.  They have also been filmed and their videros are available to researchers and the public on the Breman Museum web site. 

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